NEMA Returns to Start a Weekend of Great Racing

US Rowing's Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships returned to Lowell where the event was first held in 2014. After some initial reservations about the low turnout for the regatta, the team actually had a good day of racing against some strong crews from Riverside, Upper Valley, Cambridge and CRI along with participation from Northampton and Pioneer Valley.

In the first race of the day, Riverfront put two D/E 8's into competition in a field of 5 boats. The crew of AJ F., Matt D., Fred S., Eric R., Rene T., Scott P., Chris M., Mike P. and Chick M. had a raw time of 2:57.6, but that was only good enough for a third place finish and bronze medal as Riverside had two fasters 8's on the water. Our crew of Claire V., Simon D., Tom R., Larry H., Larry G., Jeff F., Rob M., Ev S. and Harry C. finished 5th.

Next our veteran 4+ of Sam G., Scott P., Chick M., Larry H. and Ev S. took the silver medal ahead of Riverside and behind Cambridge in the F-J4+ event.

Hector D. posted the fastest raw time in the AA-B, D 1x event, but yielded first place to Zachery DePace of Pioneer Valley after handicaps were applied, taking second by 1.27 seconds.

The AA-C8+ became a two boat race between Riverfront & Riverside after Essex scratched. The crew of AJ F., Matt D., Kyle S., Tom B., Hector D., Cole T., Brendan M., Alan Vibber & Alan Valenti bested Riverside by over 6 seconds raw time and took the gold.

In our final singles race of the day, Ev S. and Jonathan N. competed in the LWT B, E-J 1x. Ev took 4th in his age category while Jonathan took the gold in his age category.

In what turned out to be the most contested event of the day, the crew of AJ F., Eric R., Fred S., Mike P. and Scott P. took the honors in a field of 6 crews in the D-E4+ with a raw time of 3.24.5 ahead of Upper Valley at 3.27.51.

In our only quad race of the day, Tom B., Kyle S., Cole T. and Hector finished 2.5 seconds behind a composite crew in raw time, but ended in 3rd place after handicaps were applied.

We then put 4 crews on the water at the same time for two heats in the AA-C4+ category. In the first heat, the crew of AJ F., Tom B., Kyle S., Cole T., and Brendan M. had an impressive 3:06.06 time making it look easy in their win. In the same heat, the crew of Sam G., Eric R., Chris M., Alan Vibber, Alan Valenti finished 3rd in front of Northampton. In the second heat, the crew of Claire V., Matt D., Rene T., Mike P. and Scott P. won with a time of 3:22.49. The crew of Meg, Simon D., Rob M., Jeff F. and Larry G. finished 3rd.

And in their first race in a pair together, Simon D. and Tom R. had a respectable showing finishing in 4th place ahead of Litchfield Hills in the AA-J2- event.

Closing out the racing at NEMA was our lightweight crew of Jonathan N., Hector D., Larry H. and Harry C. with an impressive 3:28.06 considering an average age of 46 and being a Lightweight crew - the result - another gold medal.

We managed to load the trailer and got underway before some afternoon storms hit - and headed for Boston. Next - The Cromwell Cup.